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Humor: Don’t get married over the telephone!

The funniest thing about this video – is that it obviously happens often enough in real life , or else they wouldn’t make a lecture about it..

Anyway, check out the video. This brother is a trip!


Article Share: One wife, four husbands – if it’s good for the man..

This kind of cracked me up. I think this is an interesting way of getting the point across, though doubtless – many will miss that point. :: sigh ::

Can’t you see it now?

“I needed a new one, my first just didn’t satisfy me.. He said 60 pairs of shoes was enough. Hmph! Don’t I have the right to get what I need?”

” Well, I have three, but they don’t make enough money. I’d like to go on a trip around the world, and they just aren’t good enough providers, ya see?”

“All they ever do is sit around watching sports.. They never pick up their socks or give me attention. My next one is going to be gay!”

Or even worse:

“He’s gone bald, I don’t find him attractive anymore.”

” He can no longer function in bed. Why do I want a man who has to use a pill?”

Of course, we can’t forget one of their favorite quotes:

“Well, it is in a man’s nature to share. They don’t get as jealous as we do, right?”

PSHHHHHT!! Bullshit! 😛

Image: Socialist Jesus

Image: ‘Gee Dubya’ vs. ‘Gee Zus’

Humor: If you want honesty – ask a child!

I ♥ hilarious quotes from children! If you have any that spout little gems, I hope you’re writing them down in a book! They’re absolutely priceless, and will only be more so later on!

I have two favorite kid quotes, both by the same lovable, yet obnoxious (but aren’t they all?) kid named Zeynep:

1. I had just gotten my nostril pierced and it was a little inflamed so there was a bump around the piercing site. I asked people if it was noticeable, and everyone was being really nice and saying ‘no, I don’t see a thing!”.. This little girl comes up to me and says, “Hey, why did you put a diamond in your wart?”. At last – honesty!

2. Another time my husband and I were driving around with her in the car, she had eaten some chocolate and had the typical ‘ring around the mouth’. He was trying to joke with her and said, “hey girlie, are you growing a mustache?”, she goes, “no, but my mom has one!”. Oh dear..

See what I mean? Any of you have any quips from your little ones?

Rant: Jesus (AKA: Isa – PBUH) vs. ‘Jeezus’

This has always been one of my favorite cartoons, so I thought I’d share.

I’m not agreeing with everything in the cartoon, and I certainly have nothing against Christianity or Christians. It’s just interesting how the message of Jesus has become so politicized and marketed – that it’s sometimes vastly different from the original.

If you can’t read the text – click the link below to be taken to one of the original sources:

** Hint – Click on the image in the link to enlarge to full-size  **

Kudos!: Arse About Fez

Has anyone else ever visitied this website?

If not – you absolutely must! It’s a hilarious blog of one guy’s life in Turkey, seen through Western eyes.

Check it out here: