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Blog Love: ChillYoIslamYo

I’ve really got to give this guy kudos.. A brother after my own heart!

Here’s his post called: ‘Grow the Beard – How to Give Dawah and Not Scare Muslims Away’

This is another great one: ‘Trust in Allah but Tie Your Camel’


Rant: Stories like this make me angry..

I read this story last night, and I couldn’t help but become seriously upset and annoyed. Maybe I’m just being overly-sensitive.

Please check it out and let me know if you can understand what about it pissed me off.

** UPDATE **

I have been contacted by the original posters of the story, and they wanted to clarify that their original point was not as I read into it. I like to take people at their word – and God only knows how we can read the wrong meanings into text! Please check the comments for further clarification.


The ending to the story has now been changed by the author to clear up her intention for the piece. It’s now apparent that she was not saying what I originally believed. May God bless her for her efforts. 🙂

Question & Poll: Do you think some Muslims are just too sensitive?

Two articles I came across recently. The first article is an older story from 2008, but I thought it was worth mentioning. The second article is somewhat more recent.

Article 1: A London hairdresser gets sued by a hijab-wearing Muslim for discrimination after being told that they would need her to remove her headscarf to model the alternative hairstyles offered by the salon:

Article 2: A headscarf-wearing Muslim convert sues a small family-run hotel for ‘anti-Muslim abuse’.

My question to you is, do you think these are legitimate grievances, or simply a case of overly-sensitive people living in a litigious society?

Confessions: To wear or not to wear? That is the question..

Lately, I keep struggling with whether or not I should continue wearing the hijab.

Part of me feels like a hypocrite for wearing it – seeing as I don’t represent the ‘average’ Muslim woman. Adding to that fact, I’m not even entirely sure that we have to wear it, versus simply covering our bosoms and dressing modestly.

The other side of me feels like saying a big, enthusastic “‘screw you!” to those that think I’m giving a bad name to other ‘authentic’ Muslim women by continuing to wear it, because I’m not wearing it for them and frankly, I don’t care what they think.. I feel like I’m wearing it ‘just in case’ it IS what God wants, and because it really isn’t a burden to me, so, why not? There’s also the sorry fact that most other Muslims won’t listen to a word you say unless you have the distinguishing feature of a piece of fabric on your head.

At the same time, I consider taking it off because it gives people pre-conceieved notions about me and almost boxes me into contrived ‘acceptable rules of behavior’ and ‘rules of thought’. It’s like I’m pushed towards more orthodox thinkers who I generally don’t agree with, and away from the more liberal thinkers which I do tend to agree with.

Lately, I feel that by wearing it, that I’ve put myself into a ‘no man’s land’ of my own creation. I’m feeling terribly conflicted as to where to go from here..