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Rant: More Danish cartoon BS!

Seriously.. I’m just sick of it!

Okay, was wrong and absolutely disrespectful to draw a picture of the Prophet (PBUH), I can agree with that, but c’mon.

The guy isn’t a Muslim and he’s obviously an asshole looking to provoke people. Responding to this moron was exactly what he wanted.

He did a rotten thing to the ummah, but the ummah took the bait and the outspoken fools who decided to call for violence against the cartoonist – I think they were the ones who did a LOT more damage to the ummah than this man and his stupid cartoon.

Now today I see that some crackpot Somali broke into the cartoonist’s house and attempted to murder him with an axe. That’s just pathetic. Thanks to Mr. Somali, the cartoonist is back in the spotlight. More attention on him, more free publicity for him, and more negative attention for those ‘crazy Muslims’.

Thanks a lot Mr. whack job Somali. Yeah, you really did us all a favor. Eff you!


Personal: My personal thoughts on the new ‘I can see your naughty bits’ scanners

I’m Muslim and I don’t really care if they use them, though it would be nice to have the option to be patted down behind a curtain or something versus the machine. A CHOICE would be nice.

However, if they’re going to do this, I wish they would do it for EVERYONE. Otherwise, it simply doesn’t make logical sense.

Here’s a personal example: My husband and his friend fly home to Turkey and back together about once a year. My husband is about 5’8″, light skinned and dark haired. I guess he looks ‘foreign’. His friend is about 6’4, light skinned and light haired. My husband gets stopped EVERY TIME and his friend has NEVER been stopped. They both hold the SAME passport, the SAME nationality, the SAME point of origin and destination, and take the SAME trip. Something is WRONG with this picture!

Point being – if some idiot terrorist wanted to blow up a plane, wouldn’t they send the whitest, most Western looking person to get past the screeners versus the ‘obvious’ looking dude? (and my husband doesn’t even dress like the ‘stereotypical Muslim’.. It’s tee shirts, jeans, baseball caps and sneakers all the way!)

Half of the time the screeners aren’t making ‘educated guesses’, they’re just making stereotyped guesses.

If they want to do a thorough job, they should do EVERYONE, because if they think my husband could be a terrorist (ha!), then it’s just as likely his friend could be (also ha!).. But if the terrorist masterminds actually wanted success in their venture, they would have probably chosen his ‘European-looking’ friend versus the ‘Eastern-looking man’.

Seriously. Do you think the terrorists are going to send the bomb with the guy dressed up like the Saudi sheikh or the guy dressed up like the Disneyland tourist? Because does it really take many brain cells to figure out which one is going to be pulled from the line to get searched and which one is going to breeze right on through?

See my point?

On another note, I what I wish they’d do.. I wish they’d start monitoring lone men (especially sex offenders!) traveling frequently to Thailand and other pedophile paradises. I don’t even think they monitor perverts and violent criminals up in the friendly skies – and there are a hell of a lot more of them than terrorists!

Rant: Sick of fake miracles!

Is anyone else out there sick of these fake miracles?

Like this one about the Russian baby with Qur’an verses ‘miraculously’ appearing on his body.

If this was in the U.S. or some other country, they’d take the baby away for suspected abuse. The parents could be painting irritants on his body.

I just can’t help but be skeptical until the baby is away from the parents and under strict observation. Otherwise, I think this is just bunk and probable abuse.

I mean – how can people see so much going on in the world with crappy parents exploiting their kids for attention and fame? (Balloon boy, anyone?) Maybe they are sick in the head and don’t think they’re causing any kind of harm. Maybe they don’t even realize they’re doing it.

I just don’t know how the religious folk immediately jump on the BS band-wagon without any kind of objective testing. They assume the parents are Muslim and it’s their baby, so what could they possibly do that isn’t 100% legit. I just don’t buy that sense of reasoning!

Call me a downer, but I just think it’s sad that the Ummah seems to need these types of apparently contrived ‘miracles’ in order to justify their faith, when there are simpler (albeit, subtle) and more telling miracles all around us. I see more of a miracle in the complexity of the human body or even a leaf than these video ‘miracles’!

Another thing that annoys me. These ‘miracle’ videos (and plenty a lot more obviously fake than this one) get passed around all the time by otherwise intelligent and logical individuals. It’s like they feel if they fail to recognize these claims that they are bad Muslims or unbelievers. Seriously! Just look at the comments on all the videos and there is not one, not one Muslim on there questioning the  authenticity of the claims.

It reminds me of that scene from the 80’s cartoon film ‘The Last Unicorn’ where an old witch captures a unicorn for her dilapidated carnival freak show. Being a witch and in tune with the ‘other world’, she can sense the unicorn for what it really is. Knowing that the world weary and jaded masses, however, will not, and will only see a white horse – she ends up putting a charm on the unicorn that gives it a fake, albeit – visible horn. Only through this farce can people finally ‘see’ what is actually there.

In an article from the ‘New Yorker Buzzine’, an author puts it this way:

“When I hear such fix-its, I’m reminded of one of my favorite childhood movies, The Last Unicorn. In the film, the unicorn’s horn can only be seen by those who “search and trust,” while all others see nothing more than a white horse. When the evil Mommy Fortuna kidnaps the unicorn for use in her carnival freak show, she must first attach a fake horn over the real one so everyone will see a unicorn when they look into that cage. As Mommy Fortuna tells the unicorn, “Do you think those fools knew you without any help from me? No! I had to give you a horn they could see! These days, it takes a cheap carnival trick to make folks recognize a real unicorn.””

(original text for the quote above – taken from:

Essentially – can one still remain objective and question these things, or does being a good believer mean checking your common sense at the door?

Can anyone else out there relate? Or do you just think I’m a kill joy?

Rant: Sunnah does not equal fard!

C’mon people.. How many times do I see people in real life, but most especially online – who don’t seem to know the difference between sunnah and fard.

It’s not difficult.. All things fard are, of course, sunnah, but all things sunnahare NOT fard.

Some examples (referring to beards – the group itself is called ‘Sunnah Beards’):

Random Muslim Dude #1 Assalamualaikum! 😀 it’s great to see our own brothers adorning the Sunnah. 🙂 though currently there are also many brothers thinking they look better mutilating themselves and looking like them Luth people. Let’s show them what REAL men should look like.

Random Muslim Dude #2 There are brothers mutilating themselves as we speak. Close brothers that we know. Please spread the naseeha of the beard. Refer them here if you wish. Invite brothers to join Insha’Allah.

Seriously dudes.. ‘Mutilating themselves’ because they shave their beards? Gimmie a break.

This week I’ve also seen stuff saying it’s fard for a woman to wear full face veil (such as niqab or burqa) with gloves, thick socks, the whole nine yards. Also, that wearing colors is haram, and that it’s best if only one eye is uncovered for the women, because using both eyes is frivolous.

I really feel sorry for the people who believe this crap. The sad thing is, these are usually the same people wailing on and on about bid’ah. Don’t they know the TRUE definition of bid’ah is making unlawful that which is lawful and vice-versa?

Islam is not supposed to be a difficult religion. It’s not supposed to be a hardship.. Don’t these people know the damage they’re doing? These self-appointed sheikhs. I wish they could see how many people they alienate, how much bid’ah THEY are throwing out.

I seriously pity the newcomers to Islam who don’t know how to separate the lies and exaggeration from the truth. So many people LEAVE Islam because of the judgments.. Being told they aren’t doing enough or doing well enough. Leaving because they can’t handle all the rules. If they only knew the truth!!

Rant: Stories like this make me angry..

I read this story last night, and I couldn’t help but become seriously upset and annoyed. Maybe I’m just being overly-sensitive.

Please check it out and let me know if you can understand what about it pissed me off.

** UPDATE **

I have been contacted by the original posters of the story, and they wanted to clarify that their original point was not as I read into it. I like to take people at their word – and God only knows how we can read the wrong meanings into text! Please check the comments for further clarification.


The ending to the story has now been changed by the author to clear up her intention for the piece. It’s now apparent that she was not saying what I originally believed. May God bless her for her efforts. 🙂

Rant & Question: Hypocrisy & Confusion over Islamic Jewelry

Below is a question I asked a while ago regarding Islamic jewelry. I always found it strange that even some of the most orthodox Muslims who would never dream of taking a Qur’an into the bathroom – the type that enter right foot first and say a du’a, still see nothing wrong in pinning nazar boncuk (evil eye pendants) on babies to ward of ‘the evil eye’, attributing similar powers to chamsas (hands of Fatima), or wearing Islamic jewelry with the name of Allah (SWT) to the toilet.

Now, I have no problem with people wearing Islamic jewelry – I actually want some myself! I think that people have their hearts in the right place, and are doing nothing more than (literally) wearing their love of God next to their hearts.. It’s more that I find it amusing that even the most pious people can overlook this and think nothing of it, but still want to rip someone’s head off if they see a sister with what they deem as ‘improper’ hijab, celebrating a birthday, listening to music or eating shrimp. Whatever they want to assert their assumed superiority and iman over.. Nevermind that they’re participating in bizarre superstitions that have nothing to do with Islam, themselves. Superstitions that may even be viewed as shirk.

Long story short – No one is perfect! As Jesus (PBUH) said:

Matthew 7:2-5 declares, “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” What Jesus was condemning here was hypocritical, self-righteous judgments of others.”

Amen to that!

« on: Aug 08, 06:13 PM »

Soo..  oldshaykh I notice they sell a lot of Islamic jewelry.. Man of these pieces have surahs from the Qur’an or the name of Allah (SWT) on them.

Are these pieces halal? I can only think that most people probably don’t remember to take off such rings and/or necklaces (even earrings on some sisters) when they use the bathroom.. The same goes for some t-shirts they sell with Islamic sayings on them.

So.. Is Islamic jewelry halal? If yes, what are the rules regarding it, or does anything go? Do we treat it with the same respect we treat anything with Qur’anic verse and/or Allah’s name on it?

Also.. Would jewelry be considered a ‘charm’ or ‘talisman’ as some people believe these items are protective? If you are like me and you just think they are beautiful and also a sign of remembrance, are they still considered ‘talismans’? Or, is it only considered that if you give them that kind of power? (Because, sometimes you’ll see people driving with ‘protective’ verses hanging from their rear-view mirrors)

Thank you in advance for any thoughts and suggestions, and also thank you for just reading this!


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Oh Allah, Guide us to the Straight Path.

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Asalamualaikum wrt wb,

All praise be to Allah.

It appears from your question that by your fitra you know the ruling on these pieces of jewelry, mashaAllah.  The scholars say:


It is not prescribed to write Aayat al-Kursiy or the name of Allaah on pieces of gold that are to be worn, because that is a kind of disrespect. It may also be an imitation of the Jews and Christians who hang up or wear things that they revere, such as the cross etc.

There is a concession allowing writing names on rings, even if the name includes the name of Allaah, such as Abd-Allaah or ‘Abd al-Rahmaan. Similarly there is nothing wrong with writing useful words on a ring even if they include the name of Allaah, such as al-hamdu Lillah (praise be to Allaah), tawakkaltu ‘ala Allaah (I put my trust in Allaah) etc. Many such reports have been narrated from the Sahaabah and Taabi’een.

The scholars were asked:

We sell hearts in which the name of Allaah is written, which are bought by Arabs and non-Arabs of every kind. We may tell the Arabs that it is haraam to take them into the toilet. Please advise us on the ruling on selling them.

They replied: Selling jewellery on which the name of Allaah is written is not permissible, unless it is erased from it.

They were also asked:

We attach with out letter some gold jewellery on which is written the name of Allaah. This jewellery is used by our Muslim women as an adornment only. A while ago our brothers told us that using this jewellery is haraam, because the name of Allaah is written on it. We tell you that this jewellery is only used by Muslims as an adornment, unlike the women of the Jews and Christians, as the Christians wear jewellery on which there are pictures of the cross and images of idols, and the Jews wear jewellery on which there are pictures of the star of David. We hope that you can explain this issue.

They replied as follows:

Since this jewellery has the name of Allaah written on it and is intended for Muslim women to wear around their necks, as Christian women wear a cross and Jewish women wear a star of David, and since things on which the name of Allaah is written may be worn to ward off harm or bring benefits, or for other purposes, and wearing it may expose it to disrespect such as if a person sleeps in it and rolls on top of it, or wears it in places where it is makrooh to take anything in which is written the words of Allaah or the name of Allaah, the committee thinks that it is not permissible to use this jewellery on which the name of Allaah is written, so as to avoid imitation of the Christians and Jews whom the Muslims are forbidden to imitate, and so as to block the means that may lead to evil, and so as to protect the name of Allaah from disrespect, and because of the general meaning of the prohibition on wearing amulets.

And Allah knows best.

Rant: Nasty pigs?

There’s something I’ve been wondering lately, and maybe you guys can enlighten me..

What the HELL is up with this bizarre fear and disgust of pigs?!?

Okay, first off, I know that eating pork is haram, but so are lots of other things – eagles and foxes for example. All manner of carrion animals are deemed ‘unclean’, but none of them are near as remotely loathed as the poor pig. Some of them, such as the eagle, are even considered noble! Why is that?

Yeah, pigs smell and they’re nasty looking and fat.. But, you’d smell and be fat and nasty, too, if you were fed a diet the equivalent of McDonalds every day and left in room barely large enough to turn around in, nevermind exercise in, and without a toilet or shower. No doubt!

It just strikes me as ridiculous and beyond absurd to see some Muslims flip out when they see a pig or even hear of them mentioned. Suddenly you hear all kinds of exclamations of ‘filthy swine!’ and ‘astagfirallah!’. Are they serious? It’s not even the culturally-indoctrinated and brain-washed (regarding pigs)  ‘born-Muslims’, it’s the converts, too!

I remember reading somewhere that pigs are only ‘haram’ and ‘unclean’ when they’re DEAD. That if you touch them, you should just clean yourselves, but it’s not some kind of mortal sin.. So why the insane fear of pigs? I’ve even heard such nonsense as the children’s book ‘ The Three Little Piggies’ being banned in the UK because it ‘might offend Muslims’. WTF?!?

Does anyone else see this as laughably pathetic? Seriously.. How can anyone find this little guy offensive?

The thing I find offensive is when we shut down our brains and common sense and fall prey to these absurdities.

So, yeah, don’t eat them, I can agree with that (and the pigs are happy about that as well, I’m sure!).. Just don’t act like they’re the freakin’ spawn of Satan because that makes you look like fools!

Okay, rant over. 🙂