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Rant: More Danish cartoon BS!

Seriously.. I’m just sick of it!

Okay, was wrong and absolutely disrespectful to draw a picture of the Prophet (PBUH), I can agree with that, but c’mon.

The guy isn’t a Muslim and he’s obviously an asshole looking to provoke people. Responding to this moron was exactly what he wanted.

He did a rotten thing to the ummah, but the ummah took the bait and the outspoken fools who decided to call for violence against the cartoonist – I think they were the ones who did a LOT more damage to the ummah than this man and his stupid cartoon.

Now today I see that some crackpot Somali broke into the cartoonist’s house and attempted to murder him with an axe. That’s just pathetic. Thanks to Mr. Somali, the cartoonist is back in the spotlight. More attention on him, more free publicity for him, and more negative attention for those ‘crazy Muslims’.

Thanks a lot Mr. whack job Somali. Yeah, you really did us all a favor. Eff you!


That’s Not Islam!: No right to wed

First off – by posting this I am not implying anything unpleasant against the Pakistani people. Even this article asserts that most Pakistanis have never heard of this practice and would be completely abhorred. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, feel free to read on!


Some greedy a-holes claiming to be good, pious Muslims are forbidding their daughters to marry; either out of greed and fear of losing money outside the family, and/or not having their egos satisfied with them finding partners matching their perceived social status.

Due to this stupidity, they are forcing their daughters to marry the Qur’an, or sometimes even trees. Yes, you read correctly.. TREES. I guess they figure inanimate objects can’t shame them (yeah, right!) or take away their money.

The reasons why these greedy a-holes are not only greedy, but stupid:

– Marrying the Qur’an is blasphemy, devoting your life to it is one thing, but marrying it is another!

– Marrying inanimate objects is a mockery of marriage, an institution which is supposed to be held in high regard by Muslims.

– Human beings have the right to sexual satisfaction, as long as it’s done in a halal manner. The only halal manner is marriage.

– Marriage is considered half our deen (religion). Depriving someone of marriage out of greed is a HUGE sin!

– Greed in and of itself is a HUGE sin!

– The Prophet (SAWS) did not have any sons.. I seriously believe it was so that people would not idolize the family line. Just because they are claiming to be somehow related to the Prophet (SAWS) somewhere down the line (and people have been known to lie about this – big surprise!), does NOT make them better than other good people.

– Being restricted to marrying your relatives (seriously, how many relatives of the Prophet live in this little po-dunk community?) is NOT a good thing. No wonder these people are so stupid! Can anyone say ‘inbreeding’?

In short – this is CRAP and it sure as hell is NOT Islam!!