Rant: More Danish cartoon BS!

Seriously.. I’m just sick of it!

Okay, was wrong and absolutely disrespectful to draw a picture of the Prophet (PBUH), I can agree with that, but c’mon.

The guy isn’t a Muslim and he’s obviously an asshole looking to provoke people. Responding to this moron was exactly what he wanted.

He did a rotten thing to the ummah, but the ummah took the bait and the outspoken fools who decided to call for violence against the cartoonist – I think they were the ones who did a LOT more damage to the ummah than this man and his stupid cartoon.

Now today I see that some crackpot Somali broke into the cartoonist’s house and attempted to murder him with an axe. That’s just pathetic. Thanks to Mr. Somali, the cartoonist is back in the spotlight. More attention on him, more free publicity for him, and more negative attention for those ‘crazy Muslims’.

Thanks a lot Mr. whack job Somali. Yeah, you really did us all a favor. Eff you!


One response to “Rant: More Danish cartoon BS!

  1. What’s ‘pathetic’ is this: “Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said: “Whosoever among you sees an act of wrong should change it with his (own) hands.”- Sahîh Muslim (49).” and this “Let there arise among you group(s) calling people to Islam, commanding people to do what Allah orders and to refrain from what He forbids and these (group(s) are the ones who are successful.” (Koran 3:104).

    While these verses are held to have divine authority there will ALWAYS be Mr. Somali whack job, Mr. Anglo-Saxon Muslims whack job…you fill it in.

    There is something inherently violent in Islam that causes three deadly jihad attacks every day since 9-11. You are in denial.

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