Personal: My personal thoughts on the new ‘I can see your naughty bits’ scanners

I’m Muslim and I don’t really care if they use them, though it would be nice to have the option to be patted down behind a curtain or something versus the machine. A CHOICE would be nice.

However, if they’re going to do this, I wish they would do it for EVERYONE. Otherwise, it simply doesn’t make logical sense.

Here’s a personal example: My husband and his friend fly home to Turkey and back together about once a year. My husband is about 5’8″, light skinned and dark haired. I guess he looks ‘foreign’. His friend is about 6’4, light skinned and light haired. My husband gets stopped EVERY TIME and his friend has NEVER been stopped. They both hold the SAME passport, the SAME nationality, the SAME point of origin and destination, and take the SAME trip. Something is WRONG with this picture!

Point being – if some idiot terrorist wanted to blow up a plane, wouldn’t they send the whitest, most Western looking person to get past the screeners versus the ‘obvious’ looking dude? (and my husband doesn’t even dress like the ‘stereotypical Muslim’.. It’s tee shirts, jeans, baseball caps and sneakers all the way!)

Half of the time the screeners aren’t making ‘educated guesses’, they’re just making stereotyped guesses.

If they want to do a thorough job, they should do EVERYONE, because if they think my husband could be a terrorist (ha!), then it’s just as likely his friend could be (also ha!).. But if the terrorist masterminds actually wanted success in their venture, they would have probably chosen his ‘European-looking’ friend versus the ‘Eastern-looking man’.

Seriously. Do you think the terrorists are going to send the bomb with the guy dressed up like the Saudi sheikh or the guy dressed up like the Disneyland tourist? Because does it really take many brain cells to figure out which one is going to be pulled from the line to get searched and which one is going to breeze right on through?

See my point?

On another note, I what I wish they’d do.. I wish they’d start monitoring lone men (especially sex offenders!) traveling frequently to Thailand and other pedophile paradises. I don’t even think they monitor perverts and violent criminals up in the friendly skies – and there are a hell of a lot more of them than terrorists!


5 responses to “Personal: My personal thoughts on the new ‘I can see your naughty bits’ scanners

  1. If I was a clothes designer I would come up with T-ray proof underwear and retire in comfort for the rest of my life…

  2. LOL It sounds good, but then that would inevitably arouse suspicion and possibly provoke a cavity search.. Not good unless the person wearing was into that kind of thing, lol.

  3. LOL! Well, from what I understand, T-rays aren’t supposed to penetrate the skin, so that is just another option that a dedicated terrorist can (and probably will) use some day. If they start cavity searches I’ll start taking the bus.

    Besides, the whole airplane security-thing is illusory; window dressing to make people feel safe. I built airliners for 15-years for Boeing, and if someone is dedicated there are a myriad of ways to bring down an airliner. The ground crews, for example, since deregulation changed from life-long, well paid professionals to largely outsourced, near-minimum wage immigrants. The airlines have been ‘mules’ for the drug trade ever since. The low-paid employees stash packages in the holds for a little extra income that are picked up by another employee at the end of it’s flight. That is how coke and other drugs are transported so easily & quickly around the country. They have the largest ‘Fed Ex’ distribution system in the world. They don’t look in the packages and they don’t care to know what’s in them. Ten pounds of C4 will do a lot of damage.

    Or, if they really want to, they can do like Iran did in the downing of Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island in response to Iran Air flight 655. Take a rented cabin cruiser out for the night, fire a tripod-launched ground-to-air missile and return the boat (neglecting to pick up the $500 deposit, of course).

    For that matter an audit of a local army base several years ago found 23 shoulder fired Stinger ground-to-air missiles “missing.” One could sit in an unpopulated industrial park (like the kind found under the approach & departure ends of major airports) fire a missile during the critical landing phase and drive away and no one would identify you.

    Airport security is a sham made to make people feel safe. You are not safe if someone doesn’t want you to be.

  4. Damn..

    Wish all the hillbillies ranting about ‘dem Moozlums’ could read that!

  5. My understanding, from talking to a screener, is that there is nothing stereotypical about the selection process. They do change it up so as not to become pattened but you get screened in one of three ways: 1)you name is on the selective screening list, in which case you will receive additional screening each and every time you fly anywhere and if you are innocent then you should know by now that someone with your name or a VERY similar name is on a watch list 2)You appear to be nervous, ie sweating, constantly looking around or 3)your number is up – the person I spoke to said they choose a number for the day and do extra screening for ever x number person

    I don’t mind the xray machine but I think there should be a line for men and one for women and somone of the same sex operating the machine. Just like when they do a pat down currently.

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