Personal: Happy New Year 2010!

Well, the clock hasn’t struck midnight yet, but it has in other places.. So, happy 2010!!

My husband I were supposed to go out and see the fireworks tonight, but it looks like it’s raining, so they’ll probably be cancelled.

So, instead of doing our traditional ‘freezing our butts off near the waterfront to watch fireworks’, it looks like we’ll be staying at home watching a movie and eating my not-ashamed-to-say awesome creamy chicken enchiladas with tomatilla sauce, rice, homemade salsa with loads of fresh cilantro (my favorite!) and a chicken and ginger noodle soup with vegetables. Salad, too.. Can’t forget the salad. (Turks like my husband would literally just fall down and die without their bread and salad at every meal)

Now, I just wish we could somehow sneak out and watch Avatar 3-D at the IMAX.. Then it would just be PERFECT. :: sigh ::

Anyway, happy 2010!!


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