Article Share: Happy Birthday Jesus! (Or is it?)

When was Jesus really born? Would there really be 2,009 candles on his cake if he was counting?

If you’re curious, check out this link:


3 responses to “Article Share: Happy Birthday Jesus! (Or is it?)

  1. I don’t think it really matters. I guess they do know from Roman records when the census was taken in Judea, so they have an idea. The only thing that really matters is the revelation He provided. The true miracle is that He taught most of the world how to behave, not that we listen all that closely some times, but generally we did, and thank God for that!

    • Well, of course it doesn’t really matter.. But it’s interesting that a lot of people erroneously think that he was born on December 25th and the whole holiday is focused around this ‘fact’.

  2. I was just reading the other night, in fact, that the early church encouraged missionaries and priests in England to adopt local pagan holidays in teaching and adapting new converts to the faith. That way the cultural events that were so ingrained a part of their lives were still there, they just changed the names and the purposes. Which was actually very smart.

    Consider how ingrained this holiday is – even people who are not religious, and people who are not Christian celebrate it. If someone were to arrive on the scene and say, “STOP! No more of THAT!” They would basically get thrown out on their ear.

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